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Golf Instruction and Lesson Rates

Oak Hills Golf Club is dedicated to the promotion of golf as a recreation and lifestyle. To help accomplish this, we offer a wide range of golf instruction by PGA professionals with over 27 years of experience improving players’ games. These programs are designed to increase the enjoyment and knowledge of golf for those with the inclination.

No golf workshop, golf school, golf clinic or individual lesson will take you beyond the skill and experience of the instructor. We have assembled a team of instructors that is unparalleled in the area. They continue to test their skills each week and do their utmost to utilize the best in classic and new golf instruction techniques. If you are looking to improve or have a question, talk with our pros. It could be the best thing you ever do for your golf game. Call us at 803-735-9830

Adult Rates

PACKAGE  #1 The Quick Fix 2 Lessons $85.00   (Regular Price $100.00)

PACKAGE #2 Beginning golf 101 4 lessons $170.00 (Regular Price $200.00) Includes short game, putting and full swing instruction.

PACKAGE #3 100,000 Mile tune up 6 lessons $255.00 (Regular price $300.00) 5 Lessons on range plus one on course lesson.

PACKAGE #4 Reconstructive surgery- 10 lessons $550.00 (Regular Price $670.00) Includes video analysis, 8 lessons on the range, and 2 on the course.

Video Lessons
  • $85.00 per lesson
Junior Rates (ages 6-18)
  • Individual lessons $25.00
  • Series of 3 30 minute lessons $65.00
  • Series of 4 30 minute lessons $95.00
  • Series of 5 30 minute lessons $125.00

Contact Jeff Schaffer here to request more information. Or you can join us on Facebook by clicking on the link below to find out more about our golf lesson programs.

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