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Not all clubs are designed to fit all players. Your golf clubs should be customized to fit your size and swing.

In simple terms club fitting can be broken down into three parts. We use a process of elimination approach to zero in on what works best for each individual golfer.

When choosing the proper clubs the following elements should be considered.  First, you need to know your static measurements. (Wrist to floor length, hand size and overall height.)

Second, your ball flight needs to be analyzed. (This will cover loft of clubs, shaft type and flex, club length, grip size and swing weight.)

Third, and the last consideration is performance. (How does the club look and feel, is it easier to hit than your previous model?) It’s also a good idea at this point to get on a launch monitor if possible to check swing speed  and launch angle.  Finally you tie the fitting in with a golf lesson to fine tune the swing and the results will be be lower scores.

For more information on club fitting you can visit the following websites: or Oak Hills will have both Titleist and Ping’s fitting carts in the pro shop beginning in 2014 so stop by and let us show you what equipment is best suited to your game.